What Is Prograde Towing?

2023 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty towing a boat

How Does Prograde Towing Work?

The GMC Prograde Towing System uses a new in-vehicle Trailering app that helps with hitching and on road monitoring and responding to potential hazards.

ProGrade Trailering smart capabilities allow you to take advantage of the towing package available on your new GMC Sierra. GMC’s smart technology not only simplifies the trailering process, but it also offers convenient innovations to instill a sense of security when towing. Key features of this technology include Hitch Guidance with Hitch View, auto electric parking brake assist, hitch area lighting, and an integrated trailer brake controller.

Security and Convenience
Manage your towing experience on the go via the Sierra’s ProGrade Trailering App. Make sure that your trailer is connected properly with a step-by-step illustrated guide and additional pre-departure checklists, and test your external lights with the click of a button — the app will run through a specific sequence to ensure your signals are in check before hitting the road. You can also keep tabs on the status of your trailer with customizable trailer profiles, trailer tire pressure monitoring, as well as theft alert. In the event your trailer is disconnected while your GMC Sierra is locked and parked, both the lights and alarm with sound.

Smart Technology
The GMC Sierra facilitates a towing experience where you can feel confident on the road. Take advantage of the available Trailering Camera Package, including two rear-facing cameras and an available accessory trailer-mounted camera to help you keep everything in view while driving. Your Sierra also comes equipped with trailer sway control, automatic grade braking, and tow/haul mode for the most power and performance, staying engaged even after you make a pit stop.

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Whether you will be towing your boat, cargo trailer, or campers, the GMC Sierra’s innovative technology and 12,200-ton towing capacity provides unlimited opportunities. For more information on towing and payload capabilities or to check out our new GMC specials, please don’t hesitate to contact our GMC dealer near San Antonio today!

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